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Getting Your PayPal Funds is secure & easy - Humbird eCash

When it comes to money & online transactions, we understand and accept that healthy skepticism exists, as it should.

This is why we've created an uncomplicated process that provides maximum security and transparency for our Humbird eCash members.


We want you to be fully educated about our service so that you can comfortably embark on a partnership with us. 

Learn about our Transfer Process below ↓

Getting Your PayPal Funds is Super Secure &     asy!

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Requesting A Transfer:

From Start to Finish

1. Create Your Free Humbird eCash Account

To create your free Humbird eCash account, click "Create Your Free Account" at the top of the page (or in the hamburger menu on mobile). Once you create your free Humbird eCash account, you can click the dropdown arrow beside your name to be directed to your Member Area. Your personal details such as contact information, bank account details and PayPal account details are protected within the secure Member Area. For an added layer of security, transfer requests can only be made within your Member Area.

2. Update Your Profile & Banking Details

For quality assurance purposes, we need all requested details from you in this section. This area is to be kept updated at all times to aid in a seamless transfer process. Not to worry, we will not need deeply private data from you.

3. Request Your Transfer

Whenever you are ready to transfer funds, simply complete the quick form on our "Request My Transfer" tab in your Member Area. You'll receive a follow-up email and a call from our team to confirm the details of your request.

4. Initiate Your Transfer

Once we confirm your details via telephone, we'll send a PayPal invoice for the amount requested. Your transfer is officially initiated upon payment of the PayPal invoice. Once your transfer has been initiated, we will update your "Track My Transfer" tab inside your Member Area to indicate that the transfer process has begun.


5. Receive Your Funds

With​in 3-5 business days, your funds will be sent to the Jamaican bank account you provided in your Member Area. You will receive a confirmation email that the funds have been deposited into your account. Your "Track My Transfer" tab inside your Member Area will also be updated with a copy of the transaction receipt as our proof of deposit.

Got Questions?

Your question may have been answered in our FAQs section.

Our contact details are also available on our Contact page if you would like to reach out to a member of our team.

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